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Sample Cells

DigiPol Technologies offers a comprehensive range of cells designed to provide optimum performance in Optical Rotation measurements.

Our cells are manufactured to meet the highest possible standards. They feature precision ground ends with strain free glass or silica windows.

Our range of cells include:

  • Non jacketed precision straight glass cells
  • Jacketed precision straight glass cells
  • Non Jacketed recision funneled glass cells
  • Jacketed precision funneled glass cells temperature controlled for USP requirements
  • Non jacketed metal flow through cells
  • Jacketed metal flow through cells for the sugar industry
  • Teflon sample cells with glass windows
  • Teflon sample cells with silica windows
  • Plexiglas cells durable for educational use

To see Sample Cell Specifications, click here.

In an effort to enhance the precision performance of our narrow bore (5 mm and less) cells, shrunk glass tubing is used to assure concentricity and improve reading repeatability. The screw ends provide symmetric positioning of the cells irrespective of window mounting hardware. They also provide an improved flow path in the jacketed cells for faster temperature equilibrium and end-to-end temperature uniformity.

If your requirements are outside of the standard range, DigiPol Technologies is able to develop custom configurations to meet your specific needs.

For additional product information or to have a DigiPol Technologies representative contact you, please click here.