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Automatic Saccharimeters

DigiPol Nova Polarimeter

The DS series are designed to meet the specific measurement requirements of Sugar Technologists around the world. 

With their high accuracy and repeatability, the DS series is widely used in the Sugar Industry for measuring the purity of sugars and sugar juices in an effort to control and value products. All units come standard with low cost lamps that deliver long life and stability. 

Our units produce reliable, accurate, and stable readings. A complete range of models and configurations is available as shown below:

DigiPol - DS11
“With Lead” polarization of refined or clarified sugar at 589 nm

DigiPol - DS21
“Without Lead” NIR polarization of raw sugar at 880 nm primarily. It can be easily adapted for use 'With Lead' by interchanging the filter with a 589 nm version

DigiPol - DS41
“With Lead or Without Lead” and includes an automatic two filter- 589/880 nm- NIR version for polarization 

The DS Series can be configured for measuring any sugar in any length cell. They can be set up for regular measurement or Go-No Go testing (QC), in addition to other measurement parameters.

All of our units come with built-in microprocessors and are supported by a complete range of accessories and services.

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